Saturday 5 November 2016

Hard Case - Waiting For My Ship To Come In

  Hard Case are from Belfast and formed in 2008/9 with members previously having played with a number of bands including The Violent Fuckwits, The Troubles, The Spastic Dockters, Runnin' Riot and Gods, High Speed Steel. The line up features Billy Riot (vocals), Mike Kerr (lead guitar/backing vocals), Barzo Steel (bass/backing vocals), Ryan (guitar) and Sprouley (drums). You'll now also find several of them in my new favourite band, Takers & Users whilst Billy Riot is in psychobilly outfit Madhouse.

  Their first release was the 2009 Ain't No Hiding ep. This was followed in 2011 by the limited edition single, I'm Here For The Ginge and debut album Not Right In The Head. There's since been 3 singles, Waiting For My Ship To Come In, Battered, Bruised Belfast Born "N" Bred and the tribute to Runnin' Riot vocalist Colin Riot, Oi Oi He Was A Belfast Boy.

  My pick of the bunch, featuring co vocals from Colin Riot's partner Nikki Thoms, this is Waiting For My Ship To Come In.....

Quick plug.... if you like oi music, there's a special just some punk songs show at 8pm uk time on Sunday 6th November. It's in collaboration with the Church Of Oi Facebook group and will feature a mix of old oi classics and new songs. Most of Hard Case are now in Takers & Users and there'll be a couple of unreleased tracks by them played. It'll air here and if you right click the link you'll be able to get into what is promising to be a pretty busy chatroom :

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