Wednesday 2 November 2016

The Mistakes - Never Be Quiet

  The Mistakes are, according to their Facebook profile, loud, fast and awesome. Going off the video you'll find posted below, they may just be right.

  They're from Poole, Dorset and currently line up with Ross Sutcliffe (vocals), Shane Creech (rhythm guitar), James Gould (lead guitar), Richie Blandford (bass) and Lewis Willoughby (drums).

  After playing an hour's worth of UK punk from 2016 on the Just Some Punk Songs show this week (, I've had people recommending me bands to include in a volume 2. The Mistakes are one of the bands that have been brought to my attention so whilst I know very little about them at the moment I'll be delving deeper in due course. What I do know about them is that they're supporting The U.K. Subs on Fri 11th November at The Polygon in Southampton and at Mr Kyps in Poole on the following day,  I'm sure they'll be playing songs from their brand new 5 track ep which is out now on rhythm guitarist Shane Creech's Never Be Quiet Records.

  From the ep and sharing a title with the label, this is Never Be Quiet....

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