Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Nasty Rumours - Get My Kicks From '76


  Short and sweet today my friends, short and sweet...

  Nasty Rumours (https://www.facebook.com/nastyrumours) are a power pop / '77 style punk rock band from Bern, Switzerland, who've featured on here several times previously with the most recent of those appearances being last year (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2021/06/nasty-rumours-driving-me-insane.html). 

  They're a band who remind me of some of my recent favourites in the genre, bands like Cyanide Pills (watch out for a new album from them soon) and The Briefs. I keep banging on about how catchy they are and on the evidence of  the two teaser tracks they've offered up from their new album, nothing much has changed.


  The album will be titled Bloody Hell, What A Pity! and it's due out on November 11th via the always reliable Wanda Records. It'll be available on red vinyl and digital download :  https://nastyrumours.bandcamp.com/album/bloody-hell-what-a-pity

  This is the opening track, it's a fat free blast of old school punk rock that tells us even if you weren't born when the first wave of killer bands were bringing anarchy and chaos to the stage you can still have that golden era firmly etched into your heart. It's called Get My Kicks From '76...

haven't been born until '89
sheltered childhood in the country side
formed a punk band to kill the time
zero talent and D.I.Y

get my kicks from '76
get my kicks from 1976

you moved on and I moved out
got always something to shout about
safety pins still matter to me
safety pins and anarchy

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