Saturday 2 July 2022



    R.E.D - Religion Equals Decay ( are from London. They've been described as the lovechild of Crass, Motorhead and Abba. A few weeks ago they sent me a couple of tracks (STOMP & 5 Minutes) which impressed the hell out of me and also impressed the folk in the chatroom when I played them on the show. 

  Now those songs have been unleashed for public consumption along with another half dozen choice cuts on a rather wonderful album titled Music For The Masses - Volume 1. An 8 track album I can hear you thinking... Yeah, that's right but unlike most punk long players, all the songs are over 3 minutes long and they're all happily good enough to retain your interest throughout. 

  Aforementioned opener brings to mind Dirt Box Disco if they'd been ripping steroids. It's a punk singalong beefed up to the max. Track 2, 5 Minutes (no relation to the Stranglers classic) is equally powerful and to my ears has a slight rockabilly influence (although that maybe just me). It's a pounding success that also entices you to singalong. 

  Rather than reel descriptions off the remaining songs and bore you all shitless, I'll just say they don't disappoint compared with the couple I'd previously heard. It's post-punk at it's best. Hard hitting but catchy, you need to check it out...

  This is the closing track (and one I'll be playing on this week's show). It reminds me of Killing Joke, it's a topical look at world affairs and a damn fine way to highlight a damn fine album. God Save The King... 

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