Monday, 11 July 2022

No Matter - It's Boring


  No Matter ( are "a fast-paced, energetic pop/skate/melodic punk rock quartet" from Belfast who have been causing somewhat of a buzz both at home and abroad. Featuring a line up of Dan (Vocals and guitar), Jamie (Drums), Cat (Vocals and bass) & Jarlath (Vocals and guitar) they've been around for over a decade now and just keep getting better and better. 


  They've just released an album titled Bad Chemistry and it's as good as anything that came across the pond from the States in the 90's. It's a joyous collection of 14 catchy as fuck songs that will probably have you thinking of some of those bands from that era that made it big and therefore became uncool. Happily, No Matter are still cool as hell, their songs are ear worms but media overkill hasn't yet reared it's ugly head. 

  Variety is provided by sharing the vocal duties around whilst musically there's energy in abundance. The album's available on vinyl via Brassneck Records (UK), Stardumb Records (Europe), Moms Basement Records (US) and Tower Records (Japan). You can find the digital version here : 

  One of the best songs you'll hear this year, this is It's Boring...

A work in progress, lately working overtime
Losing insight, although not enough to miss the warning signs I ignored as benign
Begin the starting line
Some people have to fight their way out of the jaws
Others roll through life, judging and deducing “just because”
It must be nice to have no flaws
So liberating; High and mighty in the safety nets that you’re creating

It’s ugly inside out, it’s ugly inside out
It’s ugly inside out, it’s ugly inside out as I found out
No shadow of a doubt
Just look at yourself
Is your path stronger than mine
Or are you fooling yourself

Flash the confusion that’s scheduled to ensue
When you said that you went down the hole, does that mean that I’ll soon be going too
I’ve nothing more to do than stumble after you
Although inside it’s beating me black and blue

It’s easy now to say its better off this way
So I must reiterate; on the subject I’ve got nothing more to say
Nothing more to say, it’s boring

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