Thursday 7 July 2022

LITTER - Hate Will Own You


  LITTER ( are from Sydney and originally formed in 2013 but didn't hang around too long. Now, following an 8 year sabbatical, they're back with a new album and a new single. 

  The band features Matt Downey (Death Mattel, Cousin Betty) and he's joined on the single by Bill Gibson (The Eastern Dark), Alan Creed (Aberration), Graeme Trewin (Wifey) & Samuel L. Garcia. From what I can make out, the line up is pretty fluid with different members used for recorded work and touring.

  I've no details on the album yet but the single is out on July 11th and can be pre ordered here :

  It's also on Bandcamp :  

  This is a cautionary message about using hate as a means to an end and it pays homage to John Lydon in the line “I'm with John, I agree ‘anger is an energy’ but hate will own you.”  The band say it "deals with the complications of either emotional extreme directing your decision making, But Hey! This is punk rock for fuck sake! so let’s not overthink it, just play it loud."

  As I mentioned, I've not heard the album yet but after hearing the single I'll be checking it out, this is Hate Will Own You...

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