Tuesday 12 July 2022

PODIUM - Una Coraza


  As with Australia, when you come across a new release is from Spain it's usually a good idea to sit up and take notice. PODIUM are from Valencia, they were formed when Nick Trampolino, armed with a drum machine and guitar, expanded his solo endeavour into a quintet with the addition of Salva Frasquet (guitar), Ximo Barceló (bass), Miguel J. Carmona (drums) and África Mansaray (vocals). They released a Self Titled album on Slovenly Recordings a couple of years ago  https://podiumpodium.bandcamp.com/album/p-dium-p-dium-lp

  2022 is turning into a busy year for them. They currently on a summer tour which has seen them play in Mexico, The States and British Columbia and they'll be spending the rest of this month in Europe.  

   To coincide with that tour they've released a digital single. It's going to be re released eventually with a "harsher mix" on a new ep but for now this version is more than good enough to sate the appetites of those of us that enjoy hard hitting post punk. As well as the usual Bandcamp link :  https://podiumpodium.bandcamp.com/track/una-coraza can I also draw your attention to a blistering live version performed at the recent Mosswood Meltdown in Portland and introduced by John Waters... 

  (Google tells me the English translation for this song is A Breastplate). This is Una Coraza...

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