Monday 18 July 2022

Doe Street - The Old Guard


  Do you remember Aussie punk trailblazers The Saints? Of course you do. And so do Rye quartet Doe Street. They're a relatively new band, releasing a debut 7 track ep in February. Their line up features Tom Duell from BLEACH on lead vocals & guitar, Aaron Mawson from Stiff Richards on bass, Sharni Paris on vocals & guitar and Kalani Vozzo on drums.

  Having been brought up on the aforementioned Saints from a young age they were saddened by the recent passing of that legendary band's frontman Chris Bailey so have released a new single as a homage to him. The flip side is a cover of Lost And Found, a track that featured on the 1978 album Eternally Yours (check out the original here :

  The "A" side is "written about the current political landscape and the constant turmoil politicians leave Australia in. The track delivers an anti-authoritative message with a hope for a younger and more progressive future." It's a single that would have graced The Saints' back catalogue and a worthy tribute from yet another exciting new Australian band.. Even better it's available as a name your price download :

  This is The Old Guard...

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