Saturday 29 July 2023

Strangers to Kindness - Council


  Strangers to Kindness ( are a new band from Brisbane who I know next to nothing about so in a lame attempt to pad out this update I'll relay the tale of how they got together...

"A catalyst for the “Strangers Of Kindness” some say is the apparent de-evolution of mankind, inordinate sub-par social climate counter cultures and obvious decay of a once simple life. Three individuals somehow chose the same street to park on and clear their heads when night fell on a typical evening in Brisbane’s back streets. Eddie Stresser was writing some poetry on the back of his bass guitar when Johnny Deep emerged from the shadows and uttered, ‘hay man- got a light I’m a bit broke” Eddie replied, “Na man- nice guitar but!” Before Deep could reply head lights and loud funk metal music was screaming directly at them. Suddenly the car it was attached to pulled up next to them, the window wound down and a voice amongst the music uttered, “you blokes want to jam I’ve got some drums in the back!?” To this day the man in the car can only be identified as Alan Forya. But legends were born that night………"

  Anyway, that jam must have gone well as they've just released a debut 7 song ep titled Call The Council. It's a nicely slapdash, couldn't give 2 fucks kind of old school punk introduction. An embryonic release by a band that will hopefully blossom into something very tasty. You can get it here :

  This is the lead track, its about an old punk who grew up into a bit of a busybody twat. It's called Council... 

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