Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Maggots - Let's Get Tammy Wynette

Today's song comes from San Francisco's The Maggots. Based on an actual true story where Tammy Wynette was kidnapped and beaten up (though it turned out she'd supposedly made up the kidnapping story to cover up a domestic abuse incident) this 1980 release was one of the best of the era. Delightfully sloppy with great female vocals, this is Let's Get Tammy Wynette....

just a quick heads up for anyone looking for updates over the next few days. i'm moving home tomorrow and will be without internet connection for a few days so there may be an update tomorrow if i get time but it might then be a week or so till the next one


  1. Thanks for this! I had never heard this one before. Great!

  2. you've been responsible for me finding plenty of great stuff, i'm glad i could pay you back with one