Monday, 16 May 2022

Rum Lad - Sir War Crimes


  Richie Tyler-Young lives in South Normanton in Derbyshire. He's very opinionated. He believes in using his voice for good, in standing up for the downtrodden. He doesn't like Tories. 

  He has an alter ego, Rum Lad ( Rum Lad's featured on here numerous times. Unfortunately he shouts a lot and all that shouting is wrecking Richie's vocal chords. This means Rum Lad is sadly being retired. 

  Hang on a minute! Richie misses Rum Lad already so he's trying to find a way to carry on without doing irreparable damage... "my voice needs some rest but rest willing ill be back if you'll have me at some point. I'll get this sorted one way or another and be fighting fit. Life is too short people.....I'd rather die with my voice doing some good than sat with my head in my hands."

  Let's hope he finds a way. At the moment he's cancelled most of his gigs but still intends to play Rebellion and the Morecambe Punk Festival.

  I nearly forgot to mention. He's just released a new album. It's called Chat Shit Get Banged and it features a mammoth 19 tracks (well over an hour of opining about the state of the nation and the clowns in charge of running the shit show, plus songs about stuff like football, conspiracy theorists, little men in big cars etc. It's a great listen and you can get it here :

  Let's pick a track to highlight. 

  Just to demonstrate that it's not just Tories that he aims his ire at, this one goes out to bare faced (B)liars everywhere. It's called Sir War Crimes... 

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