Saturday, 14 May 2022

Wild Zeros - Dig The Dirt


  With influences including the likes of Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, Infections, Crypt and Rip Off Records, Wild Zeros ( are a trashy garage rock band from Bordeaux who formed in 2007 and who are making their 3rd Just Some Punk Songs appearance. If you're unfamiliar with them you can check out their music here :

  They've a new 3 track 7" ep called Diggin' It which will be available on June 3rd via Adrenalin Fix, Beast, Heavy Medication Records. Fronted by Bart De Vraantijk (guitar/vocals), who you may also know from Bart And The Brats (, they're a band that keep things at a constant high tempo. All the songs on the ep are frantic paced examples of primitive punk n roll that'll get you off your ass and bouncing round the room. The press release promises thick layers of roaring guitars, galloping bass and the usual heavy-pounding drums and it doesn't lie. 

  Below you'll see the lead track, the other 2 are equally as impressive. Tough Job has something of a hyper energetic Ramones back beat whilst closing track Did You Dig It just inspires me to write, hell yeah, I did. 

  This one tells us that somebody's gonna get hurt. It's called Dig The Dirt... 

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