Wednesday 28 April 2021

The Courettes - Hop The Twig


  The Courettes ( are husband and wife duo Flavia (vocals/guitar) and Martin (drums/vocals) Couri. Flavia's from Brazil, Martin's from Denmark and between them they serve up some of the best 60's inspired garage rock you'll hear. If anyone's unfamiliar with them then head over to Bandcamp and indulge yourselves...

  Tomorrow sees the release of their classy new single which adds plenty of twangy surf to their signature garage style. Think Dick Dale and Duane Eddy, think The Cramps and Kate & Cindy from The B-52's. It's a great teaser for their upcoming album Back In Mono. It'll be released on 7" by Damaged Goods

  A Slang term for dying in the 19th century, this is Hop The Twig... 

1 comment:

  1. Love this. Love the twang. Going to definitely listen to some more. Really like the Link Wray, Dick Dale & Duane Eddy sound. I saw The Fall support Dick Dale many years ago too.