Monday 27 March 2023

Our Souls - Cough Ya Life Up


  A song today that originally came out last year on an album titled I'm An Adult In A Punk Rock Band ( and which has now been included on a rather nice compilation album released by King's Lynn DIY label Socks On Records. The ep features 20 plus bands including the likes of Das Kapitans, Muscle Vest, Al Pacinos Sister, Get The Fuck Outta Dodge, Rites Of Hadda and many more. You can check it out here :

  Hailing from Leicester, Our Souls ( admit to being "a motley crew of spare parts from other bands no one heard of, less cared about." They line up like this, Andy (bass), Ben (drums), Ian (vocals),  Jim (guitar/vocals) & Mark (guitar/vocals), and they'll likely remind you of most of your favourite 90's punk bands. 

  This is the track they contributed to the comp, it's called Cough Ya Life Up...

Another day out of the coffin The space in between the morning hadn't Changed a fucking thing Cos I'm still anxiously waiting I'm waiting for the worst Waiting for something to bite Chomping at the bit Getting through by the skin of my teeth Never felt simply whelmed Just got through one day at a time Never faced shit straight on Just got through one day at a time Another week from hell And I can live with these weekends if they Let me control something Until I'm back anxiously waiting

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