Thursday 9 March 2023

The Ratz (Feat. Tay Toxic) - Immigrants


  Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut and featuring a line up of Ines Segarra (Guitar/vocals), Jeffrey Thunders (Guitar/vocals), Matt Mullarkey (Bass) & Elvis Belushi (Drums), The Ratz were an punk rock quartet featuring members of the likes of Damn Broads, The Lost Riots, Mitch Kramer and many more. 

  I say "were" as they've now decided to go their separate ways. A shame but at least they're not lost to the music scene, for example, Ines Segarra has reinvented herself as Izzy Smut and has a new ep out 

  They've also left us with a posthumous release in the form of a mini album titled Thoughts And Prayers. It's not a departure from earlier releases by the band. 7 tracks of old school punk and roll. Short and shouty, no bells or whistles but very enjoyable. You can check it out here :

  This song features a guest turn by Damn Broads' vocalist/drummer Tay Toxic and it's about something always seems to be a hot topic. It's called Immigrants... 


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