Thursday 30 March 2023

Faintest Idea - Not Coming Back


  After a quick search on Just Some Punk Songs I was surprised to notice I've not featured a song by Kings Lynn ska punkers Faintest Idea ( since July 2015 ( Despite playing numerous tracks on the show since then it's been an absence of almost 8 years from the blog. That sorry state of affairs is rectified today.

  The politically charged outfit have just released what on first hearing could well be their best album yet. The Bandcamp write up describes it as a call to arms which sits partway between an autobiography and a political polemic, marching to a beat of blistering horn riffs and shout-along choruses (if I see a snappy line that's better than anything I can write I'm not afraid to nick it!).


  It's an album that'll get you dancing as you seethe about the state of the world around you. It's an album that thrills from start to finish. It's also very much a collaborative effort with the band, Doug (Drums & Percussion), Mark (Guitar & Backing Vox), Dani (Bass & Vox Bobble), (Trombone & Vox), Katie (Alto Sax), Dave (Trumpet & Backing Vox) & Lil Dan (Tenor & Bari Sax) aided and abetted by the likes of  Rikk Richardson (The JB Conspiracy / The Indecision), Riskee (Riskee & the Ridicule), Pook (Beat the Red Light / Redeemon), Jordan (Incisions) & Adam Davis (Link 80 / Omnigone). 

  Just one of several great albums that TNS Records are releasing this year, it's available on coloured vinyl and digital download : 

  So many highlights to choose from but I'm going with this stark warning. Not Coming Back... 

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