Saturday 4 March 2023

Vampire Slumber Party - Vincent Van Go-Go

(Photo : Ollie Tarboschski)

  I'd rather cut my ears off then hear your voice again...

  Here's a new song that's been getting repeat plays over the last couple of days. It's a catchy as fuck earworm by South London band Vampire Slumber Party ( 

  The trio play "pop punk with fangs" and they're preparing to release their debut, Self Titled, album. It'll be available via ltd edition cassette and digital download on the 17th March via Brassneck Records

  The lead single is about that point in a relationship where everything seems to fall apart, where the room isn't big enough for the both of you. There's something a little special about the backing vocals on here (courtesy of Pippa Krishnan from Werecats) that has me counting down the days till the album's release. The song's called Vincent Van Go-Go...

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