Friday 10 March 2023

Panic Pocket - Mad Half Hour (Guest Review By Rob Pursey & Amelia Fletcher)

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  One good thing about this internet malarkey is that occasionally you might get a message from one of your favourite ever singers. This happened yesterday when Amelia Fletcher (who everyone of a certain generation must remember fondly from Talulah Gosh and Heavenly etc...) popped up to say "I wanted to let you know about a new single on Skep Wax by fab female indiepop duo Panic Pocket. “Mad Half Hour” is out tomorrow (10th March) and provides a first taste of their debut album, also called Mad Half Hour.... I say indiepop, but I should probably say punkpop. Basically I think they would suit your show, even if they aren’t all out punk rock. Xx."

  You can't really say no to such a message so you can imagine the sigh of relief when I listened to the song and discovered I liked it. Knowing nothing about the duo I asked Amelia if she'd like to write something for the blog and being the megastar pop personality that she is, she kindly agreed then promptly got one of her people onto it! That person being Rob Pursey, who's been in many bands alongside Amelia (most currently Swansea Sound and The Catenary Wires). They also both run Skep Wax.

  This is what Rob had to say...

  Panic Pocket are playful, tuneful, sardonic and sassy. Sophie Peacock and Nat Healey have been friends since childhood, know each other’s secrets - and probably know a few of yours too. 

  This new single, Mad Half Hour, sees Sophie and Nat take the lid off the dressing-up box marked ‘1990s’ as they create a joyous, half-pisstaking, half-loving tribute to the women who popularised the phrase ‘Girl Power’.

  This is the first single from Panic Pocket’s debut album, also titled Mad Half Hour. Punky when they want to be, girl-groupy when they feel like it, they take several decades of pop, throw it up in the air and then nail it down with sharp-edged lyrics, big melodies and fuzzed up guitar and keyboard.

  The album (pink vinyl LP!) is due for release  on May 26th by Skep Wax Records and can be pre-ordered at

  Panic Pocket are supporting Heavenly at their sell-out gigs in London in May.  Then, they will be having an album launch of their own (May 26th at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, London).  And they’ll be in London again with Swansea Sound and Special Friend at the Skep Wax Summer Fête (The Lexington on June 30th -

  This is Mad Half Hour... 

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