Tuesday 7 July 2015

Faintest Idea - Mutual Aid (Alternative Version)

"We Are The Many
And They Are The Few....."

  Today's song is one that's really got stuck in my brain over the course of a few listens. It's upbeat ska punk, of the type that seems to unfortunately have slipped out of fashion a little in recent times, with gruff vocals and a hard hitting message. The system's broken, the cost of living is rising, people are slipping through the cracks whilst those in charge aren't feeling the "all in it together" austerity cuts anything like as much as much as those that already have next to nothing. Rise up together and be heard.

  Faintest Idea are a "rudeboy street punk" band from Kings Lynn, England, who came together in 2008 who combine dual vocals with addictive brass to produce an energetic and addictive sound. Influences include Toots And The Maytales, The Specials, The Filaments, Inner Terrestrials and Rancid.

  Thus far they've released 3 albums; Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Malicious Intent Records 2008), Ignorance Is This (TNS 2010) and The Voice Of Treason (TNS 2012). You can check out the latter two albums here : https://faintestidea.bandcamp.com/

  Renowned for their live shows,  they've a few gigs planned next month in Germany and The Czech Republic. Earlier this year they recorded an alternative version of a song from their Voice Of Treason album which you can get free of charge from their Bandcamp. This is Mutual Aid.......

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