Monday 27 July 2015

The Dogtown Rebels - Song For The Fallen

  Today's song comes from The Dogtown Rebels, a band who's members, Dave Sadler (vocals/bass), John "Fanny" Adams (lead guitar), Chris Lloyd (lead guitar) and Wal Jarvis (drums), are based in East Anglia (Bury St Edmonds, Ipswich and Norwich). They've previously featured in a number of top acts including The Destructors, Special Duties, Red Flag 77, Infa Riot and Dangers Close.

  Influenced by the likes of The Clash, UK Subs, Cock Sparrer, The Damned, Social Distortion, Sick On The Bus and The Jam, they play a brand of old school punk rock that has "more hooks than a Spanish fishing fleet."

  Formed in 2011, they've just released a new album, Brave New World, which is a step up from their previous material (aided by better production) and features 14 tracks of blazing punk rock tunage. You can hear some music from the band here :

  The song that I'm featuring today is their tribute to some of the punks that are no longer with us, this is Song For The Fallen.....

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