Friday 3 July 2015

Chopper - Porcelain


  Fast paced pop punk from Wakefield, West Yorkshire today....

  Founded in 1994 by Dave and Becky Worton, Crackle Records was a UK record label that played a vital part in flying the flag for pop punk music both at home and abroad, releasing music by some of their favourite bands. These included Skimmer, Milloy,  Sicko, J Church, Dillinger Four, Crocodile God, and many more. Their first release was by a band who were regular features on the label and who are featured here today.

  Formed also in 1994, Chopper's (and Crackle's) first release was the Said And Done 7"ep. This was followed by the singles Self-Preservation Society, For Youth And Valour and Porcelain. There was also a Japanese tour split ep with Broccoli and a split ep with Blew. Album wise, it wasn't until 1998 that they released Last Call For The Dancers (though Crackle had compiled their earlier material together for the previous year's Did You Hear That?). There's also Static (The Complete Recordings 1994-1998) which you can check out here : 

  The song I'm posting today is possibly their best known. Released in 1996 and the title track of the Porcelain ep, it featured Sean Hunter (vocals), Dan Gibson (bass), Dave Stringer (guitar), Joe Maples (drums) and Chris Charlton (guitar). Also featured on backing vocals were Shona Horne and Leatherface's Frankie Stubbs (who also recorded and engineered it).......  


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