Monday 13 July 2015

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Colin Clark (Colin's Punk Rock World)

     Resident of Colchester, Essex, Colin Clark is a music fan. He lives and breathes punk rock music. To express his love he started up a kick ass blog in which he reviews the gigs that he attends and the cd's he thinks are worthy of bringing to your attention. Can i highly recommend that you spend some time reading through it. To compliment the blog he also has a Facebook page which it makes it easier to share your own opinions. You can find them here :

  Always keen to interact with true punk lovers, both those who play in bands and those who write about the genre, I asked Colin if he would share his 10 favourite songs and happily he came back with the following contribution......

"Hello, my name is Colin and I write a blog named Colin's Punk Rock World where I write lots of reviews about punk albums and punk gigs and other punk stuff. I really like punk. Mick Fletcher, who runs the blog has noticed this and has asked me if I would do a top ten list of my favourite punk songs for him. This was an impossible task because my top ten changes daily so I've gone for ten punk songs that I really love."

Off With Their Heads - Clear The Air

Off With Their Heads front man Ryan Young is the greatest lyricist in the world, not just in our brilliant world of punk but across all musical genres. He has an amazing ability to write about the most depressing of subjects, hit the nail square on the head and also somehow make the song feel uplifting. I'm pretty sure I relate to every single word in this song.

Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose

Reinventing Axl Rose is Against Me's anthem about the modern day punk scene. Musically the song has a wonderfully raw feeling to it which just gives the song more energy. The lyrics "just gimme a scene where the music is free and beer is not the life of the party" is especially poignant for me as a t-totaller who often feels out of place at other events where there is a lot of drinking going on.

Jaya The Cat - Fake Carreras

I don't think there is a more uplifting song in my collection than Fake Carreras by Jaya The Cat. The song itself is actually about doing drugs in Escobar, Holland. Hearing it live though you can't help but have a dance, a sing and a smile along with these reggae punks. The lyrics "when things get fucked up, that's when I'm happiest" and "I'm sweating and I'm shaking but I'm smiling cause I know it's gonna be okay" are really positive and uplifting.

The Smith Street Band - Don't Fuck With Our Dreams

Don't Fuck With Our Dreams is a song I never really appreciated fully until I first heard it live. For me it's the perfect live punk song, it takes you on a musical rollercoaster of ups and downs. It's a great song about sticking it to the man and going after what you want regardless of what others make think. The break down towards the end of the song is brilliant and is a great at getting a crowd involved in the song.

Bouncing Souls - True Believers

I don't think anyone's top ten punk songs would be complete without a Bouncing Souls song. True Believers is probably their most popular song and is another song on this list that is very uplifting. It's also another song about having the strength to live your life your way. I particularly love the second verse of the song - "well you can fight or you can run, hide under a rock until the war is won, play it safe and don't make a sound but not us, we won't back down."

Dropkick Murphys - The Gauntlet

Yet another song about standing up for what you believe in. Dropkick Murphys have strayed away from this street punk sound over the years but this song will always remain one of my favourites. The energy omitted from the opening drum beats to the final chords is non-stop. As with most Dropkick Murphys songs there are lots of gang vocals, I do love a gang vocal - always gives such a feeling of inclusion with the band which is especially important in a song with the chorus "stand up and fight and I'll stand up with you."

ONSIND - Heterosexuality Is A Construct

Pity Me, Durham acoustic pop punk duo have made a name for themselves in the UK's current underground scene by writing infectiously catchy songs about sexuality, politics, social awareness and mental health. Heterosexuality Is A Construct is a song about not fitting into a certain box and being proud of that fact. Another great live song  where every single word is sang so loudly you can't hear the band themselves.

RVIVR - Change On Me

Change On Me by Washington punks RVIVR is the longest on my list. It's that song you hear that you just can't help but sing when it comes on your stereo. Musically it's got some great moments of suspense throughout, always building towards that next massive chorus. Matty Jo and Erica's dual vocals are perfectly on point throughout the song and give it an even bigger sound. It's also about some important subject matter, the topic of being who you are and challenging the world to grow and change for the better.

Lightyear - Pack Of Dogs

By far the silliest song on the list but also probably the most fun. Lightyear are the most entertaining live band I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. The whole thing is an crazy, anarchistic circus of fun and hilarity. Pack Of Dogs is the ska punk bands ode to the 80's and is full of big horns and a massive chorus even if the lyrics are slightly ridiculous. If you can't smile whilst listening to Pack Of Dogs I suggest going to the doctors because you might be dead inside.

Apologies, I Have None - 100 Club

100 Club is the only song on this list I've not had the pleasure of seeing live. This song is some of London's Apologies, I Have None's earlier work and has a much rawer sound than their newest material. Much like Reinventing Axl Rose, 100 Club is about the punk scene and the feeling you get from going to gigs. I love the lyrics "tonight I'll sing along with my favourite song and for a moment feel saved in six strings and drums." Its about that special quality good music has to transport you away from all the rubbish in everyday life, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

This night was what we’d all been waiting for. Impatient hearts beat fast, a symphony of emotion and electricity. That congestion that you can count on that delayed our every breath was cursed with all the strength we could pull together. Tonight I’ll sing along with my favourite songs and for a moment feel saved in 6 strings and drums. May every night kick off like this, in spite of the traffic lights and doubting minds. Shine it out, a beacon of light, you can’t deny a hundred fists in the sky. Shine it out, a beacon of light because we are unstoppable. When they say this is on its last legs I’m lost for words. We would have lit up the fucking city if you could tap the energy. I will never understand how can this be dying when we’re still alive.

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