Thursday 30 July 2015

Court Martial - No Solution

  Forming in 1979 in Bristol, The Zeds featured a line up of Alex McPherson (vocals), Simon Burrough (guitar), Richard Braybrooke (bass) and John Zalokoski (drums). They were still at school at the time and it wasn't long before Zalokoski was replaced on drums by Simon's 13 year old younger brother, Ian Burrough. They also changed their name to Court Martial.

  By 1982 they had 3 demos under their belt and were supporting bands of the calibre of Chelsea and Vice Squad. They signed to Vice Squad's Riot City Records and featured on that label's Riotous Assembly compilation with the song Your War. They released their biggest "hit" the Gotta Get Out ep and followed it up with their final release, the No Solution ep. They split up shortly after.

  This is No Solution......

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