Saturday 18 July 2015

Jake And The Stiffs - Holly

   Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Jake And The Stiffs were one of those bands that should have been huge but instead seemed to slip through the cracks. Forming in 1989, they played old school pop punk/power pop and put out an album in 1992 called Love So Deep and a handful of killer 7"s; Steal This Record, Pot Belly Pete, Spike and I Like Girls. There were various other tapes and tracks on compilation albums, possibly the most interesting of which was their version of The Descendents' I'm Not A Loser (which is worth checking out on youtube).

  Headed up by songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Randy America, the other original members were Jason (Jake) Loch and Scott Goldstein. They also featured at one time or another the likes of Algy Siouxicide (aka Vince Kilpatrick), Donnie Switchblade, Matt Drastic (aka Matt Yonker), Steve Funk and Zach Hansen.

  Last year was a good one for JATS fans, not only was there the digitally remastered release of the debut album and of the previously unreleased second album LUB 84,  there was also the Kelly Bundy ep and The Singles (a compilation album of the tracks from their 4 singles). You can check some of those out here :

   The song I'm posting is probably my favourite of theirs and was on the Steal This Record 7", it's called called Holly.....

I was in kindergarten eatin glue (when I first saw ya) 
when my eyes looked up to you (ya I adored ya) 
you were holding that crayola blue (and I adored ya) 
like I'd never seen before 
I waited patiently until recess came around 
I followed you so quietly I didn't even make a sound 
Oh Holly I will give my heart to you, I'm true, yeah my first love 

I started fixing up my hair, and my friends all stopped and stared 
I didn't even care, I'd never felt these thought before 
We'd sit and share our milk until recess came and gone 
And when the day was finally over I'd hold your hand and walk you home 
Oh Holly I will give my heart to you, I'm true, yeah my first love 

One day I saw you out with Bob it's true, I didn't know what to do 
You were holding that crayola blue, like I'd seen you do before 
I finally figured out what you was all about 
you used me for my innocense so my friends would come around 
Oh Holly I now take my heart from you, we're through, yeah yeah we're done

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