Sunday 5 July 2015

Top 10 Songs Chosen By The Dumbheads

  One of my favourite albums of 2015 thus far is Heartbroken Idiots by Russian band The Dumbheads. I posted a song by them a few months back ( and was recently contacted by guitarist Dmitriy who told me they've a new ep coming soon and asked if I knew of any record labels who might want to release it in Europe. Unfortunately I couldn't help him out but I can ask on here, if anyone wants to release what will be a great record (or if you know of anyone) please get in touch with the band either on Facebook or on Bandcamp. Their bandcamp link (at which you can find Heartbroken Idiots at name your price), is here : This is the sort of stuff that a label like Monster Zero or Ramone To The Bone Records should be all over.

  Not one to miss an opportunity, I asked Dmitriy if he'd like to contribute a top 10 to the blog and very kindly he quickly roped in bassist Alex and submitted this joint effort.

  As usual, I'll first post Dmitriy's comments on the list :

  "When it comes to choosing a favourite punk rock song it turns out that it's really hard and nearly impossible to pick up the most loved ones. Time flies, we change and grow up and most likely the 2005 or 2010 list would be very different from what we have today. I wish this were at least a top 50 songs so every band that means, or has ever meant, something to us would have been in it. Notwithstanding that, we tried to choose the songs that sum up what we love and represent an epitome of our choices."

  Thank you guys......

  Mighty D :

  1)  China Drum - Last Chance

  2)  Leatherface - Not A Day Goes By

  3)  The Pogues - Haunted


 4)  Bad Religion - Along The Way

  5)  Husker Du - In A Free Land

Alex Dumbhead :

  1)  Teenage Head - Frantic Romantic
see below

  2)  The Misfits - In The Doorway

  3)  Hurriganes - Hot Wheels

  4)  The Riverdales - Out Of My Heart

  5)  The Heartburns - Stay Away

Song of the day............

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