Sunday 26 July 2015

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Wayne Elliott (Dr And The Crippens)


  Many thanks today to Dr And The Crippens bassist Wayne Elliott for providing a list of his 10 favourite songs (or at least the ones that were his favourites at the time of writing). Rather than list his selections in the normal way, I'm going to post them in the way that he sent them to me and try and add the songs in the right place. In Wayne's own words..........

For my 10 I am going to list songs that I am currently listening to rather than ones I have loved for years but never actually play. The Replacements have written many, many fine songs but I was delighted when they opened their recent London show with 'Taking a Ride' and 'Sorry Ma... ' has been in the car ever since.

 Which brings me to lifelong 'Mats fan Craig Finn and his band The Hold Steady. I never see them getting posted on here but 'Boys and Girls in America' was an immense album. I don't think they have matched it since but I am enjoying 'Teeth Dreams' and the opening cut ' I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You' is a great song.

 My most played track at the moment is Wonk Unit's ' King's Road Sporting Heroes'. I like everything I have heard by the Wonk and they are definetly a band I intend to check out live soon.

 I still play some old stuff and The Cheifs comp. on Doctor Strange is excellent so I will include 'Blues'.

 Leatherface are a band I saw but never bought anything by. I am rectifying that now and ' God is Dead' off 'The Stormy Petrel' lp is seeing some deck time.

 Like the next 2 selections I picked that up from Different Kitchen Records . The Bomb - Official are a band who have yet to put a foot wrong and 'Watch Them Bleed' is another track getting plenty of spins.

 No///se have released 2 superb lps so the title track of the second ' Lower Berth' also makes the cut.

 Ex Ripchord boys Violent Arrest survived the loss of their vocalist to record a great lp on Boss Tuneage Records with ex Four Letter Word man Welly Artcore proving an excellent replacement. 'Mission Creep' is one of several standout tracks.

 The Castro album also on Boss T is a bit of a grower. My fave track though is ' Nocturnally Yours' which featured on the earlier 7 inch.

 Last bu by no means least are Grand Collapse with another EP track 'Forecast'. Their album also comes highly recommended and they seem to be going from strength to strength. Enjoy !

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