Monday 20 July 2015

Citizen Useless - The Streets

"It’s hard to be a punk in Aceh 

 And do what you wanna do 

 They never listen when we say 

 We don’t wanna be like you! "

 It's hard to be a punk in Ache sang Citizen Useless back in 2013. This was in response to an incident in Ache, Indonesia's only Sharia province, where in 2011, 65 punks were arrested and detained at an Islamic moral training camp where they had their heads shaved and clothes burnt. You can find out more about this on this documentary :  Despite the oppression and persecution, the Indonesian punk scene is one of the world's largest and today I'm featuring a song by one of that countries best bands.

  Citizen Useless are based in Jakarta and formed in 2006. They've had several line up changes down the years and besides Indonesia have featured members from Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Currently the line up consists of J Sin (vocals/guitar), Dang Dut (guitar), Yudah (bass) and Made Vomit (drums).

  They released their first album, Don't Die For Lies, in 2009 and followed it up a couple of years later with The Presidents Of The United Mistakes. 2013 brought album number 3, Any Port In A Storm and this year they've put out what they describe as their best yet, Many Fingers Make A Fist. Their sound has been described as 90's street punk and they've been compared with the likes of Agnostic Front, Rancid and NOFX. They're angry and they write intelligent, thought provoking songs expressing their discontent with the world we live in. You can check out their music here : 

  From the new album, this is The Streets.....

I walk the streets 
Underneath an empty sky 
They draw me in 
And there is no question why 

There is a purpose 
To every step that I take 
I walk the line 
And every turn that I make 

It starts a chapter 
Tells the world I am free 
and every corner 
Is a wave upon a sea 

That has no ending 
So why not open up your mind 
And take off that suit 
And refuse to be confined 

The streets are calling me home 
The streets are calling me home 
The streets are calling me home 
The streets are calling me home 

There is a truth 
That is there for you to find 
If you go looking 
Within the galleys of the mind 

Where every echo 
And every choice that you make 
It brings you closer 
‘til you know it’s not too late 

To let it go 
And end it all with good bye 
Find some good friends 
Who will never ask you why 

You walk the streets 
Underneath an empty sky 
Guitar on your back 
And the future in your eyes

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