Thursday 23 July 2015

Nervosas - Parallels


  A new song today from a band that got together in 2011 and are from Columbus, Ohio.

  Nervosas feature Jeff Kleinman (vocals/bass), Mickey Mocnik (guitar/vocals) and Nick Schuld (drums) and they play an atmospheric style of gothic post punk (under influences they put "anxiety noise frustration and space"). Their first release was 2011's Ardentes demo cassette and they followed it up a year later with the Rev 45 7" and a second demo called Descension. 2013 Saw them put out a debut, s/t, album. You can check out all those here : 

  Now signed to Dirtnap Records, earlier this month they released their second s/t album. Bass driven and moody with some of the best drumming you'll hear in this kind of music, the album has been picking up plenty of complimentary press. You can find out what all the fuss is about here :

  Uptempo, and featuring a great male/female vocal trade off, this is Parallels....


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