Thursday 9 July 2015

The Bayonettes - Stuck In This Rut

I wake up early nearly every day
My mind is blank
My mind is weak
My mind is grey.....

I'm tired of the same old shit
I'm tired of dealing with it.....

 There's more than one band named The Bayonettes but the song I'm posting today is by The Bayonettes who were a punk band from Toronto and who had a sound not a million miles away from US legends, The Avengers.

  Featuring Zoe Dodd (vocals), Mark Pesci (guitar), Mary Ann Guiao (bass) and Bennett Jones-Phillips (drums), they announced themselves in 2005 with a 7" (Dead End Kids/American Song) which was vol 7 of the Art Of The Underground single series. A year later came the single Stuck In This Rut and the We're Doomed ep, both came out on Deranged Records.

  Deranged also released the Guilty Pleasure 7" in 2010 but this was after the band had split.  Mary Ann Guiao was also the singer with  Dangerloves (who also featured Mark Pesci).

  Frustrated with the humdrum 9-5 world, this is Stuck In This Rut......


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