Wednesday 29 July 2015

These Creeps - Cell Filler (6102319)

  These Creeps are an energetic hardcore ska punk band from Plymouth who formed in 2012 and sing about "the boring, broken, drunken and conflicting life in the suburbs."

  Featuring Ross Lawer (vocals), Anthony Goffin (guitar), Mr Bassman (bass) and Haylock (drums), they're one of a number of impressive bands on Bristol's Riot Ska label. A whole string of influences include The Clash, Streetlight Manifesto, Nerve Agents, Leftover Crack, Metallica etc......

  They started the ball rolling with 2013's Bigger Problem ep, followed it up a few months later with the Brand New Gasmask single before releasing the Docker's Day single. This year saw the release of the very impressive debut album Sinning In These Suburbs. You can check them all out here :

  The song I'm posting is off the album and is called Cell Filler (6102319).....

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