Thursday 2 July 2015

The Guttersnipes - Addicted to Love

  A great song today by The Guttersnipes, a band that were formed in London in 1987 by Shug O'Neill (vocals/guitar) and Andy Kline (bass) following the splitting up of O'Neill's previous band, Cock Sparrer.

  Support slots for the likes of Splodgenessabounds, Mega City Four and The Senseless Things saw them build up enough of a following to enable them to sell 1500 copies of their debut album, The Poor Dress Up (Razor Records, 1989), despite a lack of promotion or advertising.

  By 1991 they'd signed to Vice Records who released sophomore album, Hairy On The Inside. 1993 saw them split just before the release of album number 3, Asylum, before they reformed in 1996. There was a fourth album released called Chaos, As Usual.

  Shug and Andy carried on for a few more years (with several different drummers) before Shug, burnt out from touring, called it a day and moved back to Glasgow. After an 8 year break recharging his batteries he formed The Snipes with ex Revillos bassist Mekon and ex Carpettes drummer, Jim Cosgrove.

  2012 saw The Guttersnipes back together and earlier this year top Spanish punk label,  Common People Records, re released The Poor Dress Up.  I highly recommend you check it out.....

  From that album, this is the single version of Addicted To Love (the sound quality on the album is better than on the video so you're better off listening on bandcamp)..............

I always say when we’ve called it a day 
That’s the end, no more heavy relations again 
But I know in a while I’ll be head over heels again 
I’ll never change I’m addicted to love 

Isn’t it great having no-one to answer to 
Do what you feel any time that you want to 
But oh in the night there aint no-one to hug you 
I can’t seem to change I’m addicted to love 

I’m doing alright, out every night 
Then I see her and something goes bang 

And it’s great being close looking into your eyes 
A new face to explore and we both realise 
That we both feel the same, this is just where we want to be 
Always the same I’m addicted to love 

Coz I can’t let go, can’t give it up 
I can’t let go I’m addicted to love

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