Wednesday 8 July 2015

Red Dons - The Good Disciple

  In 2006, following the demise of The Observers, vocalist/guitarist Douglas Burns joined forces with bassist Daniel (Hajji) Husayn (Clorox Girls) to form Red Dons. Taking their name from the British spy ring of Philby, Blunt, Burgess and MacClean they expand on the punk rock blueprint laid down by The Observers; dark, driving mid tempo beats married to political and social themes.

  Originally from Portland, Oregon, (Burns is now in Chicago whilst Husayn runs his highly successful North London Bomb Factory Mastering studio ( ) the band are currently fleshed out by Richard Joachim (drums) and Ruby Sparks (guitar).

  Their discography includes a couple of highly praised albums, Death To Idealism (2007) and Fake Meets Failure (2010) as well as a handful of singles running from debut Escaping Amman through to last years split with Adverts frontman TV Smith. You can check most of these here :

  Despite being spread around the globe, the band still manage to tour regularly and they will soon be releasing a new album, The Dead Hand Of Tradition, which will come out on August 10th in Europe (Taken By Surprise Records) and "later this summer" in North America (Deranged Records).

  From the new album, this is The Good Disciple......

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