Saturday 11 July 2015

Gorilla Biscuits - No Reason Why

  New York City's Gorilla Biscuits were formed in 1987 and were one of hardcore punk's greatest acts. The line up featured Anthony Civorelli (vocals), Walter Schreifels (guitar), Alex Brown (guitar), Arthur Smilios (bass) and Luke Abbey (drums). Despite being straight edge they took their name from the street term for Quaaludes.

  1988 saw the release of a self titled 7" ep (from which today's song is taken), whilst the following year saw the Start Today full length, both were on Revelation Records. Similar in style to Minor Threat but lyrically there was less preaching of the straight edge mantra. Sputnikmusic describes them thus "raw energy with just the right amount of melody....motivating and lyrically intelligent."

  Schreifels left in 1990 to form Quicksand (he later formed Rival Schools), the band carried on until 1992 when most of the remaining members formed CIV. They reunited in 2005 and have occasionally toured since then.

  This is No Reason Why.......

You're always on my back about what I mean to do 
and all your talk is bothering me just wait until I'm through 
I walk down to the corner store to catch up with my friends 
They're puffin smoke high on dope, will this shit ever end?

I go down to the matinee 
such stupid shit I see 
as middle class suburban kids 
grubbing money off of me 
Tough guys staring picking fights 
with new kids & with old 
These attitudes help nobody 
the guilty should be told 
and we'll tell 'em

No Reason Why - to beat up on a poser skin 
No Reason Why - to keep the little kids from getting in 
No Reason Why - to take advantage of the people you know 
No Reason Why - there's just no reason why.


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