Monday 6 July 2015

Ruth Mundy - F*cking Tories

"The words five more years
Reduce me to tears
And I'm torn apart by fears for my kids
But you say
Dry your eyes, don't mourn, organise
And I do realise that you're right...."  

  Something a little different today which shows that even music that possesses a fragile beauty can still have a punk as fuck attitude.

  I only heard this song recently and hadn't previously heard of Ruth Mundy so hopefully I don't get too much wrong in my intro.

  I think that Ruth is originally from the UK but is now based in Wellington, New Zealand. If the song I've posted below is any indication she's influenced by Billy Bragg. A woman armed with a great voice, a guitar and a left leaning social conscience as well as the ability to pen a killer tune.

  Last year she released her debut 6 track ep, aside from this there's various live videos which you can check out on her Youtube video channel :

  Commenting on the recent UK general election result, this is a new song, it's one of the best I've heard for a while and it's called F*cking Tories.....

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