Wednesday 1 July 2015

The 99ers - I Wanna Surf Like the Apeman

  I'm sitting here in just shorts and a (Teenage Bottlerocket) T shirt typing this update. It's bloody hot in England today so I'm going to post something suitable for a glorious summer's day.

  The 99ers are a "pop punk/rock and roll/garage/rockabilly/surf" outfit from Saint Paul, Minnesota who take their name from the ice cream with a Cadburys chocolate flake inserted. Influenced by many of the usual suspects (Beach Boys, Ramones, Buddy Holly, The Clash etc), they currently feature Stephen Brookfield (guitar/vocals), Christopher Schoonover (drums), Doug Heeschen (bass/vocals) and Emily Bee (guitar/vocals). Erik Kaiser-Crist is on extended hiatus due to family and work commitments.

  They've so far released 5 albums which you can check out here : 

  The song I've selected is taken from their most recent album, Spark, which came out in 2014. Featuring what is possibly the same simian that The Lillingtons saw on the moon, this is I Wanna Surf Like The Apeman......


  1. Hey Mick - yes this was my own personal tribute to Kody! "I Saw the Apeman" is maybe my all time fave Lillingtons track

    1. i think there's too many great lillingtons songs to choose a favourite though that's certainly up there