Saturday 8 January 2022

Mitch Kramer - Hate and War

(Photo : Patrick Hennessy) 

  "Who's Mitch Kramer?" you might ask after listening to the song at the bottom of this update. "His vocals are familiar but I don't recognise the name."

    Mitch Kramer is a new outlet for the talents of Jeffrey Thunders, the New Haven (Connecticut) punk rocker who first came to my attention as frontman of The Lost Riots ( and has featured since with a number of other cool outfits including The Ratz and Jeffrey Thunders And The Scabs. Influenced by the likes of Black Flag, The New York Dolls, The Replacements, Joe Strummer, Rancid and Jay Reatard, Jeffrey's been pretty damn prolific over the last few years and can always be relied upon to turn out some top notch punk rock tuneage. 

  On this latest venture, he's decided to utilise a revolving door policy of guest musicians to back him up. The aim is to bring something a little different to the table with every release. The debut offering will be a 5 track ep titled Grand Avenue which will be available soon on lathe cut 7" vinyl. On this recording he's joined by Scott Fitch, Mike Sanchez, Ines Segarra and 3 time grammy nominated musician Roger C Reale.

  This is a teaser track from the ep, those influences are at the forefront of this tale of a volatile relationship laced with remorse and regret. It's titled Hate and War...

 I just came to town and I drove past your house and remember all the times   that we had there

 Hate and war what are we fighting for there's just got to be something better

 Standing by your grave not feeling so great if I could only take those words back

 Hate and war what are we fighting for there's just got to be something better

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