Friday, 28 January 2022

Silicone Values - 1977


  I've featured Bristol DIY collective Silicone Values on here a couple of times so far with their songs Utopian Futures ( and The Last Work Of Piss Artists ( They always go down very well (as they did in the chatroom when I played their Streaming TV single on the show towards the end of last year) and although any write ups I see about them are always positive, I reckon they're deserving of a higher profile. 

  Their sound is lo fi post punk, most of their releases have a similar kind of sound but that's certainly no problem as they're very good indeed.

  They return today with the flip side of their new single. Featuring a line up of Brin Davies (Guitar/Vocals/Drum Machine), Anthony Richards (Guitar/Vocals) & Ben David (Bass Guitar), we're treated to 2 new tracks, both of which are of equal merit. 

  "Recorded without due care or attention at No Clear Objective Studios January 2022" we're treated to title track Burn The 1980's and 1977. Both possess an endearingly retro feel, both highly recommended. You can get the ep here :

   Maybe this will be the song that earns them fame, a contract from Virgin and an early death. It's called 1977... 

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