Saturday, 22 January 2022

Strawberry Blondes - New York Neighbors - Tell Di World


  I've just checked and it's been 20 years since I first heard Newport band Strawberry Blondes ( Their debut release, the Kingmob ep, was great. Even better was their classic 2007 album Rise Up. It's one of this millennium's best releases packed full of catchy punk/ska anthems such as Rise Up, Beat Down Babylon, Rip It Up etc. The follow up, Fight Back, wasn't half bad either and cemented the band's position as one of the UK's most popular new punk bands. 

  And then they slowly faded from the scene. There was the Nothin' Left To Lose ep in 2012 and a Vans Warped tour cd gathering together some of their best songs but otherwise things went a little quiet. They never quite went away though, even back in 2018 they were debuting a new song on BBC Radio Cymru and promising a new record was on the way. There were still live shows but it's been I long wait for them to release something new. 

  That wait is over. For now, it's only a track on a compilation album but it demonstrates that the band can still turn out a catchy tune. The comp is titled Still Stubborn - Volume 1, it's on Stubborn Records of New Brunswick and it celebrates the 30th anniversary of the label. There's some great bands on there and you can check it out here :

  The Strawberry Blondes line up with Mickie Stabbs (Vocals / Guitar), Emma Jones (Trumpet / Vocals),  Ryan Londons (Bass / Vocals) & Scott Harris (Drums / Vocals) and their contribution to the comp is a mash up of 2 tracks;  York Neighbors (original version by King Django from the album Roots Tonic) and Tell Di World (original version by Rocker-T. and Version City Rockers from the album Nicer By the Hour). 

  It's a reminder of how good the band are and it's an appetite whetter for new material. C'mon guys get your fingers out, I think you've kept us waiting long enough.

  This is New York Neighbor - Tell Di World... 

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