Sunday 23 January 2022

Thatcher's Snatch - Wapping Dispute



  How do you get your new band noticed? Try thinking up a name that'll cause people to do a double take. Thatcher's Snatch ( have done exactly that, but even more importantly, they're damn good so those people who are tempted to listen to them because of their name will stick around. 

  I must admit, I missed today's song when the video for it was posted on Youtube back in July but I've finally caught up thanks to the release of the Naam/Melbourne 5 piece's debut Self Titled ep which is out now on Hardcore Victim Records. Despite the band (Dave Brown - Vocals, Lance - Drums, Skinhead Joe - Guitar, Scotty Scallops - Guitar, Snaps - Bass) being based down under, their sound is definitely influenced by the UK82 scene and is pitched as a "blend between the raw fury of Riot City records with the big sound production of early Clay albums!" 

  The Bandcamp write up tells us that the lyrics on the ep deal with "the insidious relationship between Maggie Thatcher and the Australian born media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, the hate filled and bible fuelled evangelical maniac/rugby player, Israel Folau, mismanaged government funds and general anti authoritarian antics." As you might expect, those lyrics are set to an aggressive and energetic backbeat of authentic sounding, old school punk. 

  The band recommend you play their music as loudly as possible and I'm not going to argue with them so click the link and turn it up...

  This is the lead track, the one about Maggie subjugating the press, it's called Wapping Dispute...

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