Monday 3 January 2022

Neon Belly - Don't Hide Your Hate


  Neon Belly are the lo-fi punk band from Wilmington, North Carolina, who impressed back in September when they released a very decent name your price S/T ep on Fort Lowell Records

  I described them as "straight up shouty, enthusiastic punk... Female vocals, rough and ready production all performed with great gusto" and posted a song called The Boys Are Alright

  That song has just resurfaced on a new album by the band titled What's Mine Ain't Yours. The other tracks from the ep also feature, along with a few new tracks including a very fine cover of the Zero Boys' classic Civilisation Is Dying. It's just the kind of enthusiastically scrappy punk rock that I gravitate towards. You can find it here :

  In my previous piece on the band I mentioned I was impressed with their cover of a single originally released back in 1978 by Netherlands band Filth. This is it, it's called Don't Hide Your Hate...

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