Friday, 14 January 2022

The Jimmys - Commander Data


  This blog started up in 2013 with the intention to explore strange new music, to seek out new bands and new songs, to boldly go where no blog had gone before...

  (It actually started because I was bored and wanted to post a few songs that I liked but that wouldn't have been as good or as apt an intro to today's update!). 

  Anyway, Captain's log stardate 14.01.22 and we're discovering a band who are from a place fertile with punk lifeforms called Portland, Oregon. Their line up features Luke Lover (guitar/vocals), Funeral Boy (guitar/vocals), Ugerman (bass) & Keg from the Grave (drums). I'm not sure what tag we're attaching to this kind of lo-fi diy malarkey this year (are terms like egg, chain, devotional still in fashion?) but it's that kinda style of scrappy but fun punk music. 

  The band released a demo ep in 2020 on Magut records ( and have followed it up by re recording some of those songs and adding a bunch of new ones to produce a cassette album titled Eggy Pop (Ahh, maybe the tag for this kinda sound is now eggy pop?). It's got stuff on it about Ebay, Tiger King and watching tv plus there's a Jay Reatard cover. It's available via Swiss label Fart Food Records

  This is my favourite track, it's called Commander Data...

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