Friday, 21 January 2022

Be Fair - Veins And Capillaries


  Today I'm bringing you a contender for the title of the UK's most promising new punk band...

  Last year I posted a song from a demo by a band I'd stumbled across from Sheffield & Leeds called Be Fair ( and I mentioned how they played catchy, fast paced, self recorded no nonsense punk ( I said they sounded very promising indeed. 

  Pat on the back for me time! I appear to have been correct. At least if their debut single is any indication of things to come.  

  Released today, I've listened to it 4 times already and feel the need to quickly bang out today's blog update before I dash off to work. I'm trying to decide who they remind me of. They're very energetic, they write ear worms, they have multiple vocalists all working together to produce a full sound, those vocals are quite gruff but very palatable. Maybe they remind me of Dauntless Elite? Maybe Miloy? Maybe there's "US Beardy Fest Style" punk influences added to the mix. I'm not sure, but I do know that they're going to prove very popular on the UK gig circuit (they're playing a free gig in Bradford on Thursday at Nightrain if you're in the area). 

  It's called Veins And Capillaries...  

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