Sunday, 16 January 2022

Wrong War - Distraction Diet

(photo : John Massel)

  Chicago hardcore punk 4 piece Wrong War ( formed in 2019 and featured on here at the end of the following year with a track from their debut album, Fixed Against Forever ( 

  They return today with an equally blistering song from follow up album Once Upon A Weapon. It's more in a similar vein, it's hard hitting music providing a back beat to political lyrics such as "Feigned compassion... As your profits decreased"   "Resist whatever seems so inevitable... Resist all who seem incredibly invincible"   "It’s all punching down... With tyrannous aspirations" etc...

  I'd also like to mention that I really like the album cover which is a 1918 oil painting by Dublin born artist Alexander Stanhope Forbes titled The Munitions Girls. It adds an extra touch of class to a very fine release. 

  It'll be available this summer on Atomic Action! Records and Council Records but is streaming here now :

  This track is about the babble of fake news that seems to be blaring out from every direction. It's called Distraction Diet...

 You could be so enraged these days
 So many idiocies to engage
 A distraction diet
 Of lies and entitlement
 We’ve lost our way

 And it’s once, or so you think
 Repeating viral weapon
 Turned on by savagery
 Turn it off and
 Get the fuck away

 You could be so enraged
 these days So many idiocies to engage

 And it’s once, or so you think
 Retreating static essence
 Turned on barbarity
 Takes you so
 Ever far away

 And a chorus rose behind him
 And a chorus rose behind her
 And a chorus rose behind them
 And a chorus of no consequence answered

 Repeating viral weapon
 Turn on by savagery
 Turn it off and get the fuck away

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