Thursday 9 February 2017

Midnite Snaxxx - Rule The World


  More female fronted garage punk today but this time around we're in much more Ramones inspired straight up punk "n" roll territory. Midnite Snaxxx are from Oakland, California and feature ex Loudmouths' front woman Dulcinia Gonzalez (guitar/vocals), ex Loli & The Chones guitarist Chris Santamaria, Camylle (bass/vocals) and Sammy (drums/vocals).

  Thus far they've released a handful of singles, a 2012 debut s/t album and now they're back with sophomore album, Chew On This. Due out on Pelican Pow Wow Records on the 14th Feb, it's already digitally available on Bandcamp and you can find it, along with the earlier releases, here :

  I've already mentioned The Ramones influence but you can also toss into the mix the likes of The Dictators, Cheap Trick plus former Snaxxx drummer Tina Luccessi's previous band The Bobbyteens. Chew On This is just as you'd expect, classic 60's girl group songs played by a band that grew up listening to classic punk and power pop bands. It's all very catchy but there's enough bite to have me hoping that very soon Midnite Snaxxx will Rule The World.....

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