Friday 2 June 2023

Thatcher's Snatch - White Collar Man


  A band very much inspired by your favourite early 80's punk outfits on Just Some Punk Songs today. The song I'm posting reminding me very much, musically, of Tube Disasters by Flux Of Pink Indians (a song which not many others of that era bettered).

  Thatcher's Snatch are the wonderfully named quintet from Naam/Melbourne who featured on here early last year with a track from their cracking debut Self Titled ep (

  Tomorrow sees the release of the follow up, the White Collar Man ep, which will be available via Hardcore Victim Records

  It's an ep which vocalist Brownie suggests is their “Warhead (UK Subs) banger” (and I can hear that influence as much as the Flux one).

  Will it be as impressive as the debut? Going by the evidence of the title track, I'd say Hell Yeah! The band are promising "one ballad with basslines that duck and weave like Stacy Jones at the 2002 grand final and two raging tracks that give high nods to the glory days of Riot City, Clay records and other UK82 classics." 

  Not long to wait before we enjoy the full ep but to keep us going, here's White Collar Man... 

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