Wednesday 14 June 2023

Touch Excellent - Record


  Another exciting new band for you today. Touch Excellent are a young trio from Dublin featuring Lenny Hennessy (bass guitar/vocals), Ló Boyle (guitar/vocals) & Amber Excellent (drums). 

  As far as I'm aware, they've only released 2 songs thus far. Houses, which came out in February and dealt with the crises of homelessness, dereliction and emigration in Ireland. May saw a new song exploring the tension of depending on something while knowing it can hurt you with the lyrics using the hospital room to express this tension.

  Politically charged songs with a punked up backbeat, you can find them here :

  This is the latest release, it's called Record...

1, 2, 3, 4!

Knees to my chest
On the edge of the bed
Quick needle flick, make me numb
Count to three, what’s to come

What do you want
What are you looking for
Don’t wanna know, you’re the boss
You are right, I am wrong

I’m falling
Eyes closing

Come kick me out
Can’t get up, not right now
My heavy head feeling bruised
Staying still, thanking you

See inside me
123 123
Tell me that you’re here to help
Protect me from myself

Shock absorbing
Scars forming

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