Tuesday 13 June 2023

Making Friends - ATM


  Making Friends (https://www.facebook.com/MakingFriendsBand) are a fast and fresh melodic skatepunk quartet from Brighton who play short songs. They've been drip feeding ep's (including a split ep with Nuneaton melodic punk rockers Shackleford) onto Bandcamp for a couple of years or so but are now turning their attention to the release of a debut album which will be titled Fine Dying. 

  Their music is quite poppy but as you'll hear on the song below it's fresh sounding and really rather infectious. I played it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show and I wasn't the only person in the chatroom that drew comparisons to Aussie legends Frenzal Rhomb. 

  You can find it streaming here : https://makingfriendsofficial.bandcamp.com/track/atm-2 

  A tale of making do. Working hard, earning a pittance. Faking smiles and plodding on. This is called ATM...

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