Sunday 4 June 2023

Still Pretty - Lost Boys and Girls


  "Young Till I Die..."

  Still Pretty are a new hardcore quartet from Buffalo, New York, who feature a line up of Kristina Markey (vocals), Derek Dole (guitar), Travis Johnson (bass) & Eric Hughes (drums). They list amongst their influences the likes of 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits and Kid Dynamite. 

  They've just released an energetic debut Self Titled ep which provides us with 6 great reasons why they're a band we should keep an eye on. Not sacrificing  melody at the alter of hardcore noise, they're exactly how this kind of band should be. They give us songs we can sing along to whilst jumping around. They've not played any gigs yet due to a recent hysterectomy undergone by vocalist Kristina but once they're out on the road they'll be leaving a lot of sweat soaked venues in their wake.

  The ep is available from Bankrupt Studios as a free download so go snap it up

  This is a definite highlight, it's about staying young, staying enthused and still loving the music scene. It's called Lost Boys and Girls... 

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