Saturday 10 June 2023

Lothario - Drunk Fuck


"Bored and horny getting dumber by the day..."

  Lothario is a new solo project from Annaliese Redlich, hailing from Naarm/Melbourne. She'll be releasing a debut album later this year and to give us an idea of what to expect we've been treated to a single featuring a couple of very cool songs.

  Drafting in Rob Craig (Buck Biloxi) on drums, the single mixes Killed By Death style attitude with the danceability of No Wave. As well as the punk and garage punk tags, the Bandcamp page also describes Lothario's style as fuck wave, gush wave & squirtcore. Pretty apt tagging. The single will be getting a 7" release via Goodbye Boozy Records soon but for now you can get the digital version here :

  Boasting a killer groove this is Drunk Fuck... 

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