Friday 23 June 2023

The Government - Fight The Tide


"Nail yourself to this cross..."

  The Government are a punk rock trio from California who's line up features Ian (lead guitar/vocals/ bass), Taylor (drums/back-up vocals) & Justin (rhythm guitar/back-up vocals). 

  They recently released an ep titled Fight The Tide which boasts a quartet of 80's influenced US hardcore punk songs. It's available now on a very limited edition cassette (40 copies of which as I type this only 9 remain). 

  There'll be a 7" vinyl version upcoming via Vague Absolutes and if you want the digital download you can snap it up name your price here :

  The pick of the bunch is the title track, a fast paced, old school rocker with wall of sound guitars and a top vocal performance. It's called Fight The Tide...

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